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Thread: Opinions please

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    Default Opinions please

    I was asked to edit some given footage for an African focused charity. What do you guys think ?

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    Good job, I reckon. Kept me engaged.

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    Thanks Marc. This is just a first draft so it's good to know I'm going in the right direction.

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    Really nice edit. On the money, kept me watching all the way through. Nice job.

    For what it's worth, my one suggestion is the colouring around the interview which has been shot unlit and to push the dynamic range a little. However, this is almost irrelevant because I was engaged all the way through.
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    We'll done

    i would have started with some cutaways up front (with the CEO talking) and then switched to him after 10 or 12 seconds - my two cents

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    Works for me too.
    Agree with gorilla that a bit of grading on the interview shots might be worth a try.

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    Thanks for viewing guys. I agree the interview shots need "further" grading. You wouldn't believe the quality of the original footage and the amount of work already done on it.

    Grading is really my weak point and I'm sort of out of ideas to get it to look right. I deliberately gave it that "brown look" because I thought it was "right" but any further suggestions would be appreciated.

    Zam I did consider showing Africa then coming back to the interview but with the titles showing a bit my thoughts were to show a bit of dull stuff then when the viewer go use to it lift the piece by going to Africa, do you think that works as a "keep the viewer interested" trick ?

    One thing I wasn't sure about was having the audio of the blues song over the Africa footage but as no one has commented on this I'll take it that this works.

    I appreciate the comments guys as I want to do a good job for them, I really feel it's a charity worth supporting.

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    Sorry for being late on this one. I think you did a nice job being given footage over which you had no control.
    For me indeed the harmonica music did not fit Africa. It gave it more a Dixie feeling.
    You used the footage in front of the bags twice (though the sequences were different) but I think you chose the right footage for the spoken words from the interview.

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    My thoughts:
    I feel something looks odd with the logo which appears near the top right of the clip.
    To me, the red icon looks either indistinct or fuzzy. And the words ("and albert foundation") cannot be read throughout.
    Around 03:13, we get to see a bigger version of the logo; but it's clarity is marred by some strange white/dust/dirt (suggesting the shop was taken through a dirty window); but I think it leaves the logo and words looking as if it were horrible artifacts from a grossly over compressed JPG.
    Maybe it does not matter!
    For myself, I may have preferred not to see the back of camera car appearing near the bottom of screen (around 0:5.

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    Thanks for the in-depth analyses Tim. The And Albert logo is supposed to be "distressed" as if it's painted on an African hut wall. I'm not really settled on having the logo on screen all the time or whether to move it to a different place etc. I did intend to crop of the camera car but forgot so thanks for reminding me.

    Thanks again.

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