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    Apologies in advance this could be a long post.

    So myself and a few friends have decided to start a Youtube channel and each do a couple of different "shows" for it, one of which is a board gaming one. I've been planning my camera setup for how we could film it and would like some advice.

    I have four cameras at my disposal but would like to just use three. They are:

    2x Sanyo CG10 Pistol grip HD Camcorder (720)
    1x Nikon D3100 DSLR (1080)
    1x Nikon L310 Bridge Camera (720)

    The players will be sat at a round table but will be positioned as below (I hope I can clearly demonstrate this)

    2 3
    1 TABLE 4

    I was going to have one camera on tripod right up against the open side of the table pointed down and fixed on the table surface, then two others either side pointing inwards, one from the right focused on players 1 & 2 and the other from the left on players 3 & 4. My other thought then was to use the 4th camera handheld to film any full on close ups on the game in play (dice rolls etc). My first thoughts were:

    Table camera: D3100
    Player cameras: Both Sanyos
    Close ups: L310

    My concerns however are:
    1: Although the Sanyos can record constantly they are limited by their battery life and as these games could go on for a couple of hours it could be an issue. So I was thinking only use one of them so I can use the battery from the other for a quick change when the first one dies and use the L310 in place of the second one and forget about close ups.

    2: The D3100 only records 10 minutes at a time which isn't the real problem, I can have someone manning it and restarting as needed. My concern is the overheating issue I've been reading up on. As stated before, we could be recording for a couple of hours so this could be a problem. This could possibly rule out the use of the D3100 altogether, if that is the case I would have to use both Sanyos, ruling out my idea for battery swapping.

    I'm basically putting this up here to see if anyone has any ideas or advice as to how they would approach this.

    Thanks guys.
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    Isn't there a cheap third party AC adapter for your cameras?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Isn't there a cheap third party AC adapter for your cameras?
    That would have been the perfect solution but no, not that I can find. The Sanyos don't actually have a power input and aren't USB powered. The manual does mention a battery shaped adapter that has a little cable coming off it that you'd put in place of the battery and power it that way, however it turns out they never put it into production before they went bust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy__c View Post
    I'm basically putting this up here to see if anyone has any ideas or advice as to how they would approach this.Thanks guys.
    If you are going to film a "show" then you need to think about audio and lighting as much as you do about the video. The cameras you have listed won't give you proper audio and your experience will likely be a very brief and unhappy one.

    If it was me and it was my show, I would do this:

    - give all the cameras you listed to my neice
    - buy four gopro 3 (white editions) and either buy the chesty mounts or make them yourselves; this will put your audience "in the game" and you can flip between the point of view of each player
    - for audio, I'd put a headset on each player (or at least microphone earbuds) so that you can capture their audio faithfully (plug each earbud into each gopro)
    - buy some cheap halogen construction lights (4 x 500W) and light the bajeezus out of the set
    - for a view of the whole table, mount an iPhone or iPad on a tripod off to the side recording the event; there is a beautiful mount for iPad called "Makayama" which lets you use it with a Tripod

    But that's just me.


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    v. Good advice, but one might suspect that if OP has to ask at the beginning of their project then it's not going to be a happy situation.
    e.g. What is the issue with Editing? I didn't see that mentioned? Surely it can be "live" ?
    Whilst GoPros are super little cameras their charm is really outdoors where they can capture shots that are full of action (and where the WA lens isn't too much a distraction). I think that a close group of players might be towards the focus-limits; or can GoPro be set "close"...?
    That's me done.

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    if it's live then this is a different story - a capture card and some service like wirecast

    not a bad idea

    for editing I'd probably do it on ipad since I hate turning on my PC and waiting forever for it to boot up; luckily the question was "what would you do" as opposed to "what is the right thing to do"

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Sound wise I'm all sorted, my main area of expertise is sound engineering as I have my own studio and record bands including my own so have access to a multitude of microphones. I've been playing about finding the best mic for the job and have put my choice above the table acting as a boom mic.

    I've got several work lights which I've used in the past when making music videos so I'm sorted there. Again with the music videos I used the Sanyos as they record fantastic footage, their battery life is just a tad limited.

    The option to buy different cameras would be nice but we have no budget and have to use what we've got.

    Although the footage will be edited somewhat, down to a half hour "show" I was wanting to be able to just set the cameras rolling so we're not stopping and starting and can get a natural feel of one of our games nights, albeit with talking to the camera.

    We're having a test run tomorrow, but I think it'll be a case that the person who is starting the DSLR every 10mins will also stop and start the Sanyos when filming isn't necessary so we're not wasting battery life on those possibly lengthy decision making processes that come with board gaming.

    As an example of the sort of thing I'm wanting to achieve, although it wouldn't be as professional, here's a link to a similar show to what we'd be making.

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    I'm a big fan of Wil Wheaton so I can't comment objectively, except to say that you have set yourself a lofty goal.

    do you have any Hollywood stars in your cast?

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