I have an avi divx/ac3. Basically half way through the audio is off. I some how got 5 seconds of black space, and I need to cut this out. The only way I could see this possible is to use vdub-ac3 with the save wav option. Then direct stream the video with no sound, edit the blackness and save as avi. Once I do this I open a new vdub bring in he new video and use a ac3 wav source file. Ok sounds good to me but some how its like the audio and video are marked to play in sync, and I end up with the same messed up avi. Also if I cut the 5 seconds out the sound is choppy, I have to cut the 5 seconds out and paste is on the end. What 'em I missing.

For a test I took 10 minutes of my video out after the blackness, and put it at the end of the avi. Then I used the source wav audio and when I preview is that 10 minutes video and sound are both moved to the end. Why is the audio moving to the end If I use the source audio option? Thx in advance.