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Thread: This is my first study. What is your opinion?

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    Default This is my first study. What is your opinion?

    This is my first study. What is your opinion?

    Thank's guys

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    I always feel a bit uncomfortable when children in bare clothing are exposed to all those perverts in the internet. Sorry - I am sure you were not aware of that and it might just be a very personal thing but I have to call it like that.

    Considering the video editing I think you did a fairly well job. It's maybe a bit too shaky. The content gets a bit repetitive after two minutes and could be easily cut down in my eyes. Apart from that I saw some nice transitions.

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    For what it is, it was put together ok. I found it a bit long but for the family I'm sure it's ok. I didn't think the music was right for the piece.

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    Olá Humildíssimo Modesto (caramba!! quanta modéstia!).... Welcome to DDirector in UK!! Maybe XXLRay is right about the exposure of your little girl. You got 12 THOUSAND views in just 2 days???? Weird, at least.... Agree with other comments: a bit too long, and music does not fit the subject. Main visual is OK... The GoPro look! Have fun filming and editing.

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    I think the concerns would be far less if you dealt with the first section in a different way. A woman disrobing especially in slow motion is a typical "erotic" image and showing your daughter in that way could attract the wrong attention. It's a bit like dressing her up in high heels and make up. The swimming stuff, on the other hand, is just a little girl having fun in water and, whilst I've little doubt there are some who will get some sort of sexual gratification out of it, you are not presenting it in such a way as to attract it.
    I thoght it was a lively edit but I lost interest fairly quickly - inevitable really as it showed nothing more than someone I don't know in a place I don't recognise.

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    I liked it but it's really "Family stuff" and she will be thrilled with it, in about 20 years to show her children, etc. Once in the water some longer-shots would be nice, as I tire of the WA GoPro "look" . Certainly nice and sharp ( but again GoPro has no shallow DoF - everything is equal ).
    Music - a tad loud ( had to drop that sharpish ) and then I found it acceptable. Not sure what else would be appropriate - esp following others' comments . . . but aren't we being a bit over-cautious
    Most Teens will be filming significantly "worse!" when they are in groups on holiday, etc.
    It's just a shame she was in there alone, . . . not even a motorised dolphin for company.

    Did she like it?
    Good luck

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