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Thread: What does the fox say - Parody (Music Video)

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    Wink What does the fox say - Parody (Music Video)

    This is made with a friend. We only had a camera and a tripod. - We have also produced music.

    What do you think?

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    I think Im getting old....

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    I thought it started out as an ok parody but it kept getting better all the way through

    great job on all aspects

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    Wait - is that chestnut tree in your meal?

    Some lighting issues but I have to admit you made me smile.

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    I found some parts to be amusing. I was pleased about the subtitles. I thought the singing and recording were very acceptable, and whilst many of the camera angles were pleasing, the final image quality did not always look nice. Perhaps more light would have helped?

    I was unware of "Ylvis", so I watched his clip (which currently claims to have 346 million views) afterwards. I thought the OP's clip is an imaginative and imitative work. Indeed, the main differences are only technical - better lighting and effects.

    Very good.

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