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Thread: DVD audio frequency limits

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    Default DVD audio frequency limits

    Been making test DVDs using Sound Forge to set sinewave levels - this is then Edited in Movie Studio, with Text to identify the Level and the Frequency when this is played back it sounds OK, although watching is somewhat tedious. The maximum level is minus 3.5 dB.

    However, recently I've noticed the Rendered m2ts files are quite good at the low frequency end (even 15Hz). . . . . . yet when converted to DVD it appears as though the LF is either lost - or significantly lower level.

    The same TV is used to view the Vids, via HDMI and the speakers are separately amplified from the TV
    The DVD is replayed using a Philips 3D DVD player . . . .

    Can anyone suggest why this LF loss might be? I thought that DVD's would be somewhat similar to CD's ( Although I know the CD was developed for HiFi and has redundancy. )

    These DVDs appear to have been burnt correctly and other vids on the Disc sound OK . . . but I'm wondering . . . .

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    Might the LF be on another channel; e.g.5.1; intended on going to a bass speaker?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. However, I steer away from 5.1 - & I don't have any equipment that is wired for it. As far as I know the files' audio was good after Movie Studio Render, but seems to have "lost something" after DVD Architect Studio.
    Until now I presumed that whatever ( audio or video ) I had in the Rendered file would be faithfully included in the DVD, subject to the screen resolution downscale . . . has anyone else noticed this?

    In this instance the same TV+Speakers were used, making the difference quite obvious.

    Of course I did start with "known-levels" - so this is not "normal" program material which might go unnoticed provided you can still hear something. The mid-band frequencies appear to be OK, although I haven't yet used a dB meter on the amplifier OP.

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    Is there something different (e.g. Format or Codec) used in the source file which DVD Architect is converting badly. Apps like "mediainfo" or "gspot" may be useful to learn more.

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    Rechecked my facts ( should have done this earlier ) - and it seems the "best audio" was prior to Rendering in Sony AVC - From then on it's not been so good, although I still appear to have discrepancies with different Playback methods. Sorry for the false info - so that begs the Q - is the Rendering do this? And why?

    I read somewhere that mp3 is "optimised" for certain sound-levels - I wonder if this is akin to my missing LF as these were significantly louder( -3dB) than say 1kHz ( -15dB)- mainly done to avoid overloading our ears, since the mid-frequencies are easy to reproduce/hear. At higher frequencies I have also boosted the levels, up to 22kHz mostly to make it possible for me to hear anything. However, I've not examined the HF - since it is really the LF that is my immediate issue. When I import music to a Vid, it is usually mp3 - however commercial DVDs (Films) appear to have a considerable Bass content - And even ones I burn myself purely as a Research tool you understand.

    Maybe next Disc should be at identical levels and measure the fall-off using a meter - but these too are not good at LF - So, maybe a 'scope.
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    I remain utterly confused about the issue, but thanks for correcting yourself. Can you clarify what the issue is. From what I understand is you:
    1) have a source of audio and video.
    2) extract the audio and manipulating it in "Sound Forge".
    3) At this point, it sound ok in Sound Forge.
    4) Export the Audio. (I assume you choose the highest quality possible; e.g. uncompressed wav).
    5) Use "Movie Studio" and import the new Audio.
    6) At this point, it sound ok?
    7) Export a file suitable for a dvd writer.
    8.)At this point, it sound ok?
    9) Use DVD architect to create the DVD.

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