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    Hey Folks

    Enter... our first ever short film. Made for a competition we were restricted to 3 minutes (which is half of it's original length) so we will be sure to do a directors cut + bloopers (there are tons!)

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    I liked the idea and story line, I thought it was shot well BUT the audio really needs to be better. Get some radio mics on the talent or a shot gun operator who really knows what he's doing and you will produce much better quality films.

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    Agree with MB and would add that I really loved the twist at then end - the acting was relaxed and natural - good job

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    Very nice. As a non english speaking person, I would need a very crisp sound to understand 100% of the dialogs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyBR View Post
    Very nice. As a non english speaking person, I would need a very crisp sound to understand 100% of the dialogs...
    I am an English speaking person (OK, an American), but even I had difficulty with the sound quality. Good sound is actually more important than video. When you have great sound an audience will tolerate a little crap in the video. As someone has already said, the cinematography and lighting were excellent and the acting natural and believable. But the sound quality took the fun away. You could probably save it in post by having the actors re-voice their parts in a sound booth and meticulously sync it to the video, but the better you can do the sound on the shoot, the less work is required to clean it up later. I hope this is helpful.

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    Hi Folks

    Thanks for your feedback, I completely agree and im off now to sort my sound guy out *fetches baseball bat*
    Just kidding! We used a boom mic + secondary mic on camera. We did do some private audio but the location was terrible for rooms that just echo all the time. Need to figure out how to catch audio properly.

    Do you guys think we should keep the 3 minute video for the competition only and do our own directors cut (about 5 or 6 minutes) with all the acts and re-do the audio? That video then released to the public rather than the 3 minute one.



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    The reverb was fine directly after the intro scene but the sound in the intro itself should have been crisp and clear to create a contrast. If you have the chance to dub it I would do it for the experience.
    Use a big marker instead of a pen. The markings are hard to see.
    I totally missed the punch line the first time I watched it ans I am still not sure I got it.
    Lighting and cuts were fine for my taste. I can only agree with the others when they say the acting was good.

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    Coming late to the table I've nothing to add. I too thought it looked good - even very good in places - but could have sounded better.
    With regard to "release to the public" (you do realise this is a public forum ) longer is rarely better. Even at the expense of a few gags I'd go with the 3min edit.

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    Hey Tim

    Well what i'll do is finish editing the 5 and a half minute edit and throw that up and see which one you think we should "release to the public" I don't consider you guys public, you guys are my critiques, my teachers, my stop me from doing something stupid kind of people

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