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Thread: How to change a clip's canvas size

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    Default How to change a clip's canvas size

    Hey, I've been really trying to find an answer for my question for hours now until i found this forum My problem is that I want to change the canvas size of a clip, just like you can do it with a photo. I just don't want the whole clip to be seen, but just a part of it, just as I did with this random example of a tree:

    I know how to rescale pictures but I can't figure out how to cut something out of the picture (don't know the actual term for it, which might be the reason why I can't find a solution for it). I really hope that someone can help me out with this
    I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing but if you have any free program I can use for this, it's fine aswell

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    Hi Welcome,
    Many here use Vegas Pro editing software, but if your budget is modest, then Sony Movie Studio v12 ( "Suite" ) is about 35 which is a fully featured editor + which will burn DVD and BlueRay.... The "Suite" is the better product IMHO.

    What you need to do is use the Pan/Crop tool that follows every clip you place on the "Timeline" - it can be a little tricky, but soon you'll get the hang - You can position the effect manually, or by writing figures in the boxes.
    Later you will attempt KeyFraming, where any effect can be varied over the duration of the clip.
    It's easy enough to place a colour behind this "Resized Clip" - or you can use one of your movie-clips (or a Still). A little more advanced could be to adjust the relative brightness, colour casts, or even pixilate the unimportant parts of the image. It's easy enough to add Text and v12 allows a degree of animation so the text can come-alive ( er, but don't overdo it!).

    However, for normal HD videos your finished movie will be 16x9 - so you need to consider how large the "Resized" clip will appear - if it's rather small the audience's eyes may wander.

    Others here may have better ideas, but the above should help and Movie Studio (Suite) is amazing value.

    +++ I should say that the latest version is v13, but at a much higher price - look at Sony-Creative website.
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    Other software might use a(n alpha) mask to realize such an effect.

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