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Thread: Hello And Travel Vlog Video Needs Reviewed

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    Default Hello And Travel Vlog Video Needs Reviewed

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Chris and my hobby is making travel videos for YouTube. I have recently returned from a 3 month trip to Thailand and have loads of video to edit and post. I am looking to step my game up a bit and was hoping to do so by posting to this site and getting some honest feedback. Please don't hold anything back and help me improve my video skills! Thanks everyone.

    If you want to check out the youtube Vlog the link will be below.

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    Thanks for posting that clip. I found it interesting to watch, but was not entertained.
    I don't think putting the cam at the end of a pole had much purpose.
    I found the wobbliness and occasional heavy jerking a little off putting.
    By the time I had seen shots of man on rock, man looking at water's level, swimming bodies and underwater shots; I was ready for something else. I appreciate it is not easy to edit such material, but I would certainly prefer to have the jerkiness removed; and perhaps some fx to take my mind off the limited subject matter.

    However. Some of the shots looked lovely. Man with cam on pole is simply wierd, and some water level shots looked good.

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    There was little that made me sit up and think, "wow, I wish I were there", which is normally the definition of a well made travel video, You'd benefit from better shot selection, improved framing of subjects/scenery (which can be difficult given the limitations of a go pro) and ruthlessness in the edit. Throw in a little storyline/narrative (not to be confused with narration) and you'll be moving up in the stakes.

    firstly, the shots. A wide shot, typical of a go pro, is great for scene setting and giving a sense of openness. Typically, ultra wide shots from a gopro are a side effect of fpv shooting, I.e the wide shot means something of interest is likely to be in frame. This can become rather disengaging very quickly. Wide shot, to wide shot to yet another wide can be dull, partially where there is little of interest. This was true of much of your video. You need to make sure you have variety in your shots to use in your edit. You'll need a good balance of shots to keep the viewer interested, use as cutaways and generally spice things up. Just as importantly, you need emotion. As a viewer, it's good to see people,s reactions. It reaffirms our own feelings. For example the look of delight after seeing something beautiful, the look of fear at seeing something frightening (for example jumping of a cliff). For me, holiday video is equally about the people (rather than just the scenery).

    I agree with Tim re the monopod. It's fine for some types of shots (jumping out of a plane, skiing down a black run) but can look odd if used in the seemingly more mundane. In these cases, why not just hold the camera? Unless it's to get your reaction to an extreme event, I don't think it works.

    He next, shot selection and being ruthless in the edit. Generally, I watch through all my clips and start to trim out the fat. I often take nothing out of many clips. I place all of these on the timeline in the order they were shot. Then I play through to see what I have. At this point i will chose some suitable music, or decide to go with ambient sound alone. I then start to create a story from the clips, paying attention to get a beginning and an end. I also keep switching the order around to get a decent flow and eliminate any jarring cuts. I continually watch through what I have to see if it works as a whole. When I am happy, I play the whole thing through a few times and again make minor adjustments. Sometimes I will start again with a new piece of music if it doesn't,to feel right.

    finally, I will do any colour correction and try and balance out the clips. I'm not very good at this!

    Of course, this is just my little way of working, but it might give you some ideas.

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    Looks interesting... but I canīt see any good reference to the actual place. It could be from Thailand, Brazil, or Oz.... A travelling video (in my oppinion, of course) must set the viewer into the place visited, and not just by itīs title. Food, people, landmarks and historical sites are the usual references. In other words... is just snorkeling the main attraction at this place?

    Didnīt like the many pole shots too.... One is ok, two is getting too much...

    I bet you have much more material from a 3 months trip.... Variety may turn the video more interesting.

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    Thanks for all of the great information everyone! All the feedback from friends had been the video was good it was with no information on how to improve the video.

    I should have been more specific with the original post. I apologize for this as I am still fighting off the jet lag from Thailand and find myself a little hazy mid day. The video posted is an action video to supplement my travel vlogs daily activity videos. For example, my daily video vlog is shot with my iPod Touch and would show us arriving at the snorkel location and getting all of our gear ready. We would hang out of the beach and then enter the water (with the GoPro) and the example video would end with us after the dive and talking about the dive. All of the daily video is shot and edited using my iPod Touch. The video I used as an example would be used to attach to the daily video to show the diving we had done.

    Now, with that said I will use the suggestions mentioned to better my videos. But knowing this do your suggestions hold firm?

    Again I apologize for the lack of information but feel as though I have already learned so much from your feedback!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Travels View Post
    Now, with that said I will use the suggestions mentioned to better my videos. But knowing this do your suggestions hold firm?
    Yes. And particularly those about shot selection and editing. These little segments should be really snappy.

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    I feel as though this is a novice question to your response. However, what are you referring to when you mention the word snappy? Aligning the cuts more closely to the music, having better material during the clips or all of the above? I edit the exact same way you mentioned in your post. Lay the track in order unedited. I then watch the videos and cut out unneeded/unwanted material and keep the "Good Stuff". I Then play with clips and move what I feel needs to be moved and align it with the music I have chosen and trim to fit. Would you suggest a different method to my edit workflow?

    Thank you all very much for the honest critique!


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    The sequence from 0:28 to 0:41 is a good example. Up to that point you had some pleasing shots and edits, which all lead to going under water. We then have a long, out of place clip above water and a jump to two kids in a boat.

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    Good point, I see exactly what your saying. Im going to give this another try with some scooter action around the island and work on the aspects of the edit everyone mentioned here. Thanks for your time and information!


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