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Thread: TRV33 to VCR problem!

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    Default TRV33 to VCR problem!

    I am trying to transfer video from my Sony TRV33 to a VHS tape. When viewing the DV recording from the camcorder, either directly on the TV or through the video channel, the picture quality is excellent. However, when I replay the recording on the VHS tape, the recording is B&W and v grainy/jumpy!!

    1. I have tried on 2 separate VCRs with similar poor quality results.
    2. AV/Video phono connections for direct input to TV (ok) and via scart
    adapter to VCR.
    3. I have successfully transferred the recording from DV to pc.

    Help please!!!

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    Could be the any number of things including but not limited to:

    1) Your VCR doesn't support s-Video
    2) The S-video cable isn't very good
    3) Macrovision

    For one and two above, try another cable.

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    Default TRV problem

    Marc, thanks for your help. I haven't tried SVHS yet only the AV leads that connect from a single outlet on the DV camcorder.

    I have ordered a SVHS cable to see if this resolves it as, on closer examination, the sound seems ok but, as I said previously, the picture is crap.

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