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Thread: Capturing video from VCR

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    Default Capturing video from VCR


    I have a G4Ti 4600 video/graphics card. I'm using the nVidia driver set. Specifically, the nVidia WDM Video Capture (universal) driver. I have Pinnacle Studio 8.

    I have a VCR connected to the "composite" input into the G4Ti 4600 and the other end connected to the video output of the VCR. The audio out are connected to the "Line-in" input of my computer.

    In Pinnacle, I select the nVidia driver as the capture device, push "Play" on the VCR and click on the "Start Capture" button. I get a "Capture error" message window.

    How do I get the computer to recognize the VCR as a video input device so that I may capture the video from the VCR on my computer?

    Finally, the only other devices available for capturing video are a DV Camcorder and a web camera.


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    Is your DV Camcorder DV-In enabled? If so you could capture the VHS to that, and then from the Camcorder to the PC.

    Good luck

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    I can't see that you're doing anything wrong there. What is the specific error code? You might want to try using VirtualDub to capture - maybe Pinnacle Studio is playing its usual tricks!

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    Default DV IN

    I have a Samsung SCD23, which does have a DV Input. Unfortunately, it is a Firewire input. The VCR is not Firewire compatible, unless they make an interface for composite to Firewire.


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    Default Specific error.

    When I start Pinnacle Studio 8, I get a message window that states: "The graphics and/or sound systems in your computer have not been certified for use with Microsoft DirectX. This may affect proper operation of Pinnacle Studio QuickStart. For best results, check with the vendor of your graphics and/or sound hardware to see if an update is available."

    I have the choice of running Pinnacle Studio QuickStart or canceling.

    While utilitzing Pinnacle Studio 8.8, I attempt to capture as stated earlier and receive a message window containing the words "Capture error." There is nothing else descriptive in the window. The window has a title, but it is not helpful.

    Do I need to download and install "DivX," too.

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    Default Virtual Dub


    I installed VirtualDub and ran it. I selected "File" from the menu and "Capture AVI." I set the capture device to the nVidia driver. I received an error message window: "Error 418: Capture device was not detected." Click OK. "VirtualDib cannot connect to the desired capture driver. Trying all available drivers."

    Does that help shed light on the problem? It may be something else.


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    Sounds like a driver issue. Have you tried uninstalling your WDM drivers and installing the latest. Know that this sounds like a typical "tech support" answer, but I always run into trouble with analogue capture myself with these drivers - and the latest update seemed to fix this.

    Just seems that nothing is seeing your connection... are you using a break-out box? How are you connected up?

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    Default I figured it out!

    I did have all the connections correct.

    The problem was having NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing running. The solution was turning off NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing.

    Thanks all for the help,

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    Yer that was my next suggestion. Cha right. Isn't that an error message that VirtualDub throws up/what made you think of that?

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    Default VirtualDub

    Yes, it was the error message from VirtualDub that tipped me off.

    Thanks again,

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