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Thread: It Seemed So Real To Me - A short film

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    Default It Seemed So Real To Me - A short film

    I love travelling with Alona and I love to shoot video.
    For the Vimeo "memory bank" project, I decided to uncover the stories hidden in those heaps of footage I shot in Corfu (Greece), Mokra Gora (Serbia), Serre Chevalier (France), the Dead Sea and Tel Aviv (Israel) in 2013.

    Shot, Edited and Directed by Izhar Ashdot
    Music composed and arranged by Izhar Ashdot and whistled by Tsoof Philosof.
    Shot with Panasonic GH2, GoPro 3 Black. Edited with FCPX 10.1, graded with FilmConvert.
    Created for the Weekend Challenge:

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    It´s (mostly) a good feeling video, except for that gun/pistol scene, that seemed so absurd and out of meaning/place to me! Liked the b&w beginning and the music choice. Good luck at the challenge.

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    Superb!.....the quality of the footage is amazing and I especially like the shots where you zoom from one situation and cut to another scene. Great stuff.

    I didnt get the gun either!

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    Please explain why the guy had a gun in the car ! I ruined the whole piece for me.

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    You had some really great transition that made me jealous.

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