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Thread: Grain Issue (again!!!)

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    Nice new layout by the way

    I shot this footage this morning using 3 different settings on my HV30, 10 seconds of each.

    1. Manual aperature at f2
    2. HV30 Cinemode
    3. Spotlight Mode (i heard this turns off the HV30 auto gain)

    If you look at the grain on the backwall, its pretty much the same in each mode and im not happy with it. This is hardly a dark shot, is there any way I can improve this?????

    You cant turn off auto gain on the HV30 which sucks!

    Thanks in advance


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    Its alright......sussed it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonmin troll View Post
    Its alright......sussed it!
    ...... and ....?

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    There is a way to lock the exposure on the HV30. Basically you zoom all the way out, point the camera at something really bright, then lock the exposure. It tricks the HV30 into thinking you have enough light so does not add gain.

    You need to light your seen well though otherwise it will be too dark.

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