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Thread: Anybody tried this home made mini sound booth??? Blue Yeti mic,Any good?

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    Default Anybody tried this home made mini sound booth??? Blue Yeti mic,Any good?

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    The booth is basically what Zero has already recommended to you.
    You don't need to ask if it's any good as the tut is recorded using that combination. do YOU think it's any good?

    I hear a distinct hum in the background. Sounds more like some device like a fridge or something - possibly the guy's PC) than noise introduced by the mic. At least I'd hope so.
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    A similar concept. The only drawback to that one is the mic is sat on a hard surface, not suspended by rubber bands like the one I described. Mine was also sealed top and bottom and speech was delivered into the narrow end of the box, not the broad end.
    The only addition I failed to mention was a pop filter (few s from Maplin) clipped onto box top.
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    OP now has another design to consider. However, I'm surprised this YouTube booth is so successful in using very thin plastic foam . . . something nearer thick carpet would be far better IMHO - but Hey-Ho - give it a go.

    As a pro recording artiste the YT Author should have something acoustically better on those walls. To be effective at moderately low frequencies the soft finishes need to be quite deep.... rather difficult without making the room obviously smaller.

    That hum - might be the lighting, perhaps?

    ++ Zero is right about rubber suspension and that Pop filter ++.

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