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    Angry how to do this

    Hi friends I'm the new one.

    i want to know how to edit like this effect in vegas pro 12
    this is the video

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    You certainly could do it in Vegas, but it'll take you quite a long time.

    First you'd need to concentrate on creating animated "blocks". Each block would require its own track and should be white. You can create this using generated media, solid colour, white then animate using pan and crop (or possibly a combination of pan and crop and track motion)

    Now create two tracks above these.

    The "block" should all be children of track 2
    Set the parent composite mode for track 2 to Multiply(Mask)

    Make track 2 a child of track 1

    Create a track below your bottom "block" track and make it a child of track 1.

    Create another track below this containing the same video and lower the opacity.

    That will do the job.

    You end up with:

    Track 1: contains the "holder" for all the blocks combined with the video (Necessary for the bottom most copy of the video to show through)
    Track 2: is the parent of all the white animated "blocks" and is a child of track 2
    Tracks 3-n: contains one animated block each and are each children of track 2
    Track n+1 contains the video and is a child of track 1
    Track n+2 contains the same video at reduced opacity

    That's the basic principle. Or, at least, it's the way I'd approach it. And I've just done it.

    This may help:

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    thank you so much.

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    Default thank you.

    how to do this effect..?

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    instead of white transparent rectangles you use white transparent combs.

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    how to do this..? i cant understand

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    Just like Tim explained above ...

    1. Create a white comb image with transparent background
    2. Import this image to your video editing software
    3. Add empty tracks on top of your video track
    4. Put one comb on each of these tracks
    5. Edit the position of the combs such that each one covers a different area of the video
    6. Set each comb to a different transparency/opacy level

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