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    Default Youtube Size Intro + Video + End Intro

    Hello I am having some problems about sizes for youtube. I bought intro and the size of intro is : 960 X 540. My end intro (just simple picture for subscribe and social follow) is 640 x 480. Should I made same size of end intro (picture), video and end intro. But It needs to be in HD resolution everything.

    I think I should resize intro to 1920x1080 (1080p) or 1280x720(720p) and same for video and end picture.

    Thanks for
    helping me.

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    If you up size an image it will look soft compared to real HD footage. A compromise would be to render it all out in 720p but without seeing if the smaller stuff will re-size ok, which it might, it's hard to say.

    The best thing to do it try a number of different renders at different resolutions and see which looks the best to you.

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