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    I raced ATV's for a few years and used GoPro's to capture helmet cam footage. But the footage was obviously always very shaky. Below is some smaple footage of what it looks like, and I'm wondering if Crop Border users think this tool would steady it pretty well. I tried GoPro's Cineform a while back and it even took out some of the shakiness, but I'm wondering if NewBlue will do a better, faster, easier job. Whatcha think?

    I'm not expecting any software look like a steady-cam hovering over the quad. I just want to take out some of the blur and shake to get it clearer. Now, I know that quality isn't very good, I wouldn't even call it true 720p, but watch the trees go by and you see what I mean by the shakiness... Thanks!

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    You can Crop in Vegas.

    OK, I've just been able to put 15 seconds through MercPro3 an excellent Post capture stabilizer. My results are not stellar but are better than the raw footage. Any chance of being able to downoad more than the 15 seconds I've got hold of?

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    Grazie is right - you need stabilization software to take (some of) the shakiness out.

    NewBlue FX Crop Borders will not stabilize. In fact from the demo video they post, it appears to copy the outer edges of the image over the black border in some rather clever way.

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    You could try NewBlue's Stabilizer plugin, see if the demo does what you need.
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    Ok, the video confused me then because it made it look like that crop border tools would take out the shakiness. Not very impressive that it's that confusing. Oh well :/

    Grazie, you're saying you downloaded some of my riding fooage and edited it?

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    I was purely responding to your initial invitation to see if some of the shakiness could be removed.

    Always willing to help.

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