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Thread: Black blocks/grain in produced video - AVS video editor

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    Default Black blocks/grain in produced video - AVS video editor


    I am fairly new to video editing and I have been working on a tutorial video for a couple of days. On the Internet I searched for a free and easy video editor and found the "AVS Video Editor".

    After downloading it I made my video with clips I had recorded with "Cam Studio" including voice/sound attached to those clips, these where all screen captures. I imported those into the program and added subtitle's. When I started producing the video which was quite long (36 minutes) it crashed on a Runtime error, driver software stopped responding. I figured the computer was having a hard time and I would cut it down to 15 minutes since it is to be uploaded on youtube anyway.

    So after the cut down I produced again and it worked fine, even on HD 1080P. But when I checked the video there where black blocks and bars all over the video, mostly between letters and text bars I had filmed. I tried different outputs, Youtube HD video, HD 1080P, HD 720P and H264/AVC, but all give the same black blocks, grain like effect. These blocks are not in the original.

    I searched the web for solutions but I couldn't find anything even related to my problem. Hopefully some-one here can help me.

    Screencap of the problem below:
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    Just a hunch - check your video driver is up to date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    Just a hunch - check your video driver is up to date.
    I have re installed my pc a few days ago, it is up to date

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    I tried to export the same project on a different (way better) pc and it had the same blocks all over it. I think the program is not good enough and I will try something else instead.

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    Many here use Vegas, or the cut-down Sony Movie Studio - and you can get a Trial version for free...see Sony Creative website

    . . . Editing can be a tad confusing - but there are many Tutorials on You Tube and elsewhere - some are built-in, so you learn how to do it properly from the start.

    If your PC meets the minimum spec then creating long vids won't make it crash - but adding "Effects" can make render-times quite long.
    For my own PC (dual-core Win732b) Render times are about 6x the Edited length. - Try to keep it short and simple until you get yr head round the helps. Burn to DVD/BlueRay and check for quality on yr TV - don't rely on the PC for Edit playback, unless it's got a very good spec.

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