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    I wasn't sure where to put this question really,

    I would like some clarification on copyright and the use of material from the Internet or elsewhere in an edit which I then might sell to a customer.

    For instance, I may do a wedding edit, bring down the sound and slide in some music from a well-known public artist

    And I allowed to do this? If not what do I have to do to make it legal, so that I can use audio or video clips in my edits

    I assume that the position is different if I publicly display my work or the content is simply used in a private DVD, if I have only taken a small bit and not reproducing whole works.

    I have looked at the website of various Royalties Organizations which does not seem clear on the subject

    Many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    It is rarely cheap, and cost usually depends on the number of people who can see it/hear it.
    Just so as not to put people off doing it legally: In the UK the cost for a small quantity (<250) is not that great if one is simply producing DVDs of a wedding or event (such as a school concert with recorded music) for private use. I've used these on three occasions now for stuff I've recorded as a favour. By "favour" I mean non-profitmaking, but I passed production sost on - I'm not daft! See Here.
    Also in the UK the IAC has an arrangement whereby amateurs can buy a licence for a nominal fee allowing sync rights for non-commercial films for showing at festivals, private use etc....

    My point is Paulears is absolutely correct and (at least here in the UK) there's not really any excuse for not following the law.

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    Commercially produced music for public consumption will cost you an arm and a leg if you try to use it without permission . . . . and permission is usually an expensive/tedious business as it will vary with the perceived size of the audience . . . in short, Don't.... is my take, FWIW.

    There are Royalty-free websites that produce very effective music and can be chosen by Genre, Mood, etc. most are free, requiring a by-line - BUT - and this might be a big But, the music is available to anyone else, so you can't really use it to create a "brand" for instance.
    Then there are suppliers who will sell you a CD which can be used in yr vid productions, again Royalty-free, but the snag is that they are all similar genre (per CD), so you could spend quite a lot getting a handful of CDs - and still not find something for yr next project.

    Most Editing software comes with royalty-free tracks, but being a fussy-sort, I don't find them particularly inspiring, esp those with drum-backing, as I like the Music to support the picture, rather that take it over.... but I may be alone on this.

    You could try to find local musicians, keen to earn some Lolly and maybe gain a show-reel - a word with the owner of a music-shop might be well worthwhile. But, unless you are paying them don't expect them to stick to yr deadlines . . . and make sure they play stuff that's out of copyright - as any "arrangement" will potentiall create Copyright issues, even if the music was originally Beethoven's. (for example).... and you need to get their permission for your use, too....

    Hope that helps.
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