Hi, i'm not quite a newbie but a recent thought has prompted me to find the best settings for HD editing for the production of Blueray, avchd, dvd and HDTV USB plugins to ports on televisions, up to now I've had very good results by accident.
Currently, I use the best settings to record footage on my PANASONIC HDC-SD90 which is 1080P (vbr 28mbps), once put on an editing suite it changes to 1080i, (adobe premiere 10) soon to be upgraded to cs5, should i edit so the outcome is in m2t format maintaining the best quality prior to the final "burn".
Are there any benefits from using the next quality setting down at 1080i (17mbps) on my camera, ? I tend to use a fare amount of slow motions scenes with the intentions of using plugins like twixtor once i get to know whats what.