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Thread: Hazy or I'm over critical

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    Default Hazy or I'm over critical

    I used Sony NX5E, mostly indoors - the video do not look sharp enough - looks as if the lens is a bit foggy - any suggestions: links are ;

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    When was the last time you cleaned your lens?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    When was the last time you cleaned your lens?
    Clean regularly!

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    When you go from the wide shot to the close up it does become less contrasty which is to be expected at the zoom end of the lens. Just do a little tweaking in post to balance the clips.

    Did you use a lens hood/mattbox when filming to stop light spill ?

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    Yes, the lens hood is there all the time - strange that my smaller cam (Sony CX730E , one fifth in price) gives similar or touch better quality clips under similar conditions e.g. the close up shots in or interview in

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    FWIW I think your lighting is at fault.... it does look a little flat IMHO - and the background is relatively bright. ( although well crafted as an interview ).

    Try some outdoor filming, of flowers, trees using a tripod and look at the fine-detail. That should stand some enlargement at the Edit stage.
    You can boost the contrast in Edit and that might rescue the existing situation.

    Beware that cleaning the lens will create microscopic scratches and they only get worse, as time goes on.

    Hope that helps a little.
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