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Thread: Optimal Hard-Drive Set-Up for Video-Editing?

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    Cool Optimal Hard-Drive Set-Up for Video-Editing?

    Hey guys,

    Very excited to join this forum and be part of a family that is the film-making !!!
    Little bit about myself.

    I am a semi-pro photographer and planing to get into movie-making. Both of these activities are hobbies for me and a way to express my creativeness through art. While they are just hobbies, I am still pretty good at photography and plan to become just as good in videos.

    After learning some of the basics of movie-making and directing, its time to start learning the most important part of filmography IMO, the editing.
    I believe I have all the necessary gear, Dell XPS 8700 desktop (with I7 4770 processor inside and GTX 445 graphics card) and Adobe Premiere Pro CC as my editing software.

    Now my question is.
    How should I set up my hard drives to optimize video editing as I know its very not only processor, but also hard-drive intensive process. My processor is powerful (I7 4770) but as a result I don't want to have any bottlenecks in hard drive write/read speeds !!!
    My computer came with only 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. I have already bought a 256GB SSD and will add it inside the desktop.

    1) How would I allocate the work between these 2 drives (HDD and SSD) ? I have read that putting Operating System and all applications/software's (including Adobe Premiere Pro) on SSD is the way to go. Should I do it that way?
    2) Where do I put (how do I allocate between HDD and SSD) my original source files, scratch files as well as output rendered files when editing?
    3) I also have an external portable USB3.0 5400RPM 2TB Hard Drive, (110MB write/read speed) that I could connect to my desktop when editing with USB3.0. will adding it to my setup give it significant boost and ho would I split the work between the 3 drives in that case?

    Thanks a lot for any help and I am gonna be seen in these forums quiet often now

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    I'm not a hardware specialist but I went the same path as you intend. Having the SSD for OS & programs only and the HDD for everything else seems to be a successful way to set things up. Well it does work for me. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference having the OS on a SSD will make to your over all computer performance. I do have another internal HDD which I thought would be good to render to but I have found it doesn't really add anything to the system performance.

    The external HDD will be good for back up. On some systems you can edit from an external HDD but I prefer not to if I can help it.

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