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Thread: How Do I Create A Video with a Slide Show type presentation.

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    Default How Do I Create A Video with a Slide Show type presentation.

    I have a video that I shot and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and I would like to create and add to it a slide show like what you can make with Power Point. I need to be able to keep the audio of someone speaking going, while fading between the Slide Show Presentation and actor. How can I do this with Adobe Premiere Pro.


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    Thanks for replying.....but I don't want to put my video into Power Point I want to do it the other way to speak

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    Had a quick google search. I guess what you really need is something to convert powerpoint to AVI, but came up with this:

    which then made me think that the easiest way is to do a screen capture of the slide, which you can do in Windows Media Encoder. Sorry, bit of a garbled response here, but that should set you on your way!

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    Thanks. Is there another program I can use to make words and such in a video? Thats all I need to do. It doesn't need to be made with Power Point. Just like what a PP presentation looks like.


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    please help. I need to get this done.

    Thank you.

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    You can use the Title feature of PP (File > New > Title), then create a new title with text for each "slide".

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    is there not a program that can do this easily and more effectively?

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    right now I am using FlashMax to create text movies, but there has to be another program that can make this easier.

    Anyone know of one?


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    The following product purports to converting Powerpoint presentations to DVD,

    Good luck

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