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Thread: how can I create a video like this. please HELP!

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    Red face how can I create a video like this. please HELP!

    Its like an animation of her images...I dont even know how to explain here it is:


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    It's called undersampling.
    If your NLE doesn't have an option to undersample it'le be quite a longwinded process.
    Basically, if your footage is 25 frames per second, you reduce this but extend the length of each frame - eg you use every third frame only, but make it last for three frames.

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    I haven't tried this before but here's what I would consider, depending on equipment and software available.-

    1 See if your camera has a multishot or time lapse option to take one or two shots per second.
    2 Your video editing software may have an option to achieve it.
    3 You could take video and then manual get a load of screen grabs. That may be tedius but would give you a chance to choose the best shots.
    4 You may get the same effect by slowing a clip right down, rendering it then speeding the rendered version back up.
    5 Finally you could also just get a standard digital camera, preferably on a tripod, and take lots of photos. If using this approach you will probably need to make sure you use plenty of lighting or you'll be waiting for the camera flash to recharge which will mean to long a delay between shots.

    I actually managed to achieve vaguely similar effects when a friend asked me to run a "photo booth" at her wedding where I was also shooting the video for her. It's worth bearing in mind that if you are looking for this kind of effect with an person performing in front of the camera then a lot of it will be down to what the subject actually does. Just sticking a camera in front of someone and then applying the effects above will almost certainly not have the desired effect. Scarlett Johansson in your example clip is an actress and was deliberately performing for the camera. I know that's an obvious thing to say but it's worth bearing in mind, especially if you get your shots then realise in post-prod that you've got nothing usable. With that in mind option 5 may actually give you the best results.

    Best of luck


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    Thanks thats really helpful! I have canon d600 so it will allow the multishots but its just too fast and often dont have time to think of the next move, haha, its just snap snap snap...If I use a video instead it would be better because then I can select the pictures I want (like you mentioned) however the problem with this snapshots of videos are really small :/ and not as clear as taking individual pictures. thanks for the help!!!

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    I suspect the frequency would be easy to control by using a remote control. Perhaps there are 3rd party remotes which use Canon's interface. Or perhaps Canon's own "TC-80N3 i" would be suitable.

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