Hi all,

I have some MKV files that I'd like to to convert to another format for editing in Vegas. I'm a newbie when it comes to video formats and codecs, so I was wondering what is the best middle ground between good quality video and massive file size. I tried Lagarith AVI before realizing just how gigantic the files are...a single file was over 60gb. I had been trying to get DNxHD to work with MediaCoder, but I haven't had any luck and I recently read that it produces huge file sizes also...so this may not be the best option either. :(

The original MKV files are a little over 2gb and I don't mind them getting a little bigger (maybe 2 to 3 times), but 30 gtimes is too much...I don't have enough HD space to convert them all to 60gb+ files.

I've downloaded some freebie programs like MediaCoder, AviDemux, Super(c), etc so I have a few converting tools handy.

Also, the final output from Vegas will be for youtube (it's a fan vid for the BCC Sherlock TV series...an incredible show I must say).

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!