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Thread: Charlies Mood - Music Video 30 Second Trailer

  1. Default Charlies Mood - Music Video 30 Second Trailer


    Please critique....editing, production values, whatever!......just dont dis the beat!!

    Mucho gracias


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    Very stylish

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    It looked ok to me but I don't understand what it is. The trailer doesn't tell us if it's a documentary, short film, music video or experimental art piece.

    On the technical side take a look at a plug in called neat video, it's really good for clearing up noise in video. I think it's one of the few extras really worth paying for. You may want the look you got for this piece and that's fine but if you did want the image to be a nit cleaner give the plug in a try.

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    Hey Midnight,

    Getting noise free footage from my HV30 is something I havent got to grips with, any advice?

    Obviously I'd rather get clean footage to begin with but I'll check out Neat Video all the same.


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    The thing that causes noise in an image is the light levels ie not enough light, this causes the cameras sensor to struggle and produce the noise in the image.

    What you could do is have the scene lit brighter than you really want it then take it down in editing. This will give you a cleaner "low light image". The real trick of doing this is still keeping areas of light and dark which means you need to have control over the lights with direction, flags etc.

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    The kind of lighting I want to achieve is like this.. ...but its bloody harder than it looks!!

    I hear using "spotlight" mode on the HV30 prevents the camera adding any gain, I need to test this out. I want the blacks BLACK, not grainy dark grey!

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    Step one, switch your camera in to full manual mode or you are on a hiding to nothing. Step two, you must have control over the direction of the lights. using a directional spot would be best but if you don't have one use flags to block and light spill on the background. Step three, set your exposure for the person with the light on them and the background will stay black.

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    cheers midnight,

    Ive literally just bought one of these....

    Should help as all I had available for lighting those indoor shots before was this.... .....and a household lamp

    I'll get there if it kills me!!!....

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    I re-rendered it using the Neat Video plug-in...its definitely worth it, much cleaner image!!

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