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    Hi all, merry Christmas!

    Ive set up this shot (link below) where I want to focus on the glass in the foreground and when the glass is lifted the focus changes to the text on a card behind using the instant focus feature on the HV30

    Ive got the HV30 set to aperture priority in HDV mode with an f-stop of 2.0 and im zoomed in about halfway with the camera about 1.5 feet away from the glass. The result (link below) so far is ok-ish but the text is still not fully focused imo. I like the lighting so do not want to make the scene any brighter either.

    Is there any way I can improve the depth of field and make the focus sharper. I want to depth of field as shallow as possible so that you cant read the card at all until the glass is moved.

    PS. I think the Rorschach ink blot is not seperated form the text enough, I may need to alter this and re-print it. This is not helping the focus imo.



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    The one thing I can think to do is to move the camera back a bit and zoom in further. It's the combination of small F stop number/large aperture and zooming in that gives the shallow depth of field.

    Another thing to try is to have the glass further away from the ink blot card as this is also part of how to knock out the background focus, the greater the difference between background and foreground the more the focus will be nocked out in the background.

    Marry Christmas.

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    It strikes me that the instant focus is fousing on the key ring - that being centre of the shot, so you might get an improvement if you recompose slightly.

    Another trick is to shoot the shot in reverse - manually focus on the text, then place the glass as you switch to instant focus.

    And I agree you want to create more contrast between the text and the blot.

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    Thanks Midnight/Tim,

    I set the shot up again from what I think is a more interesting angle and managed to get the shot I want. Now the glass is IN focus at the start with the keys, lighter & text card OUT of focus.

    When i lift the glass the focus snaps quickly to make the text card IN focus and the keys and lighter are even more OUT of focus.

    I like the shot because of the quick snap of focus. I can use that point to sync it with the beat that it will fit to. Its for another music video only I took your advice and am making this one more of a story than a plain music video with just me singing in various places.

    I'm really trying to get away from always using auto mode on the HV30. Theres some great manual settings on the camera although the manual focus is a bit poor!



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    Wow, that really is a sudden snap. It looks a bit like a jump cut though, so it might be worth considering moving the glass out of shot more slowly - so the glass is still in the shot when the focus "snaps".
    The other thing with this shot - I really found the reflection of you/talent in the mirror a distraction.

    So there you go. The better you get at it, the more problems there are to overcome!

    Oh how we suffer for our art :(

    Great to see you broadening your scope though. and I love the warm colours of this shot.

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    Cheers Tim,

    I've just been to get permission to film at the viewing gallery at Paramount!!

    Fancy giving me a hand???

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    The text card is more in focus at the start in the second video than the first one as you kind of did the opposite of what I said but if you are happy with the shot, then that's fine.
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