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Thread: Necklace Of Prestige- Short Film

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    Cool Necklace Of Prestige- Short Film

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    Necklace of Prestige is a short film i've been working on for a while, its my first short film ever i have never been to college or done any film courses it just something that i like to do for fun so, don't expect something very professional i'm uploading this here to get your feed backs and if you are interested in watching more upcoming projects follow me on my facebook page here
    Filmed with :Canon t3i and GoPro Hero 3
    Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 12

    Follow me on my facebook page :

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    I don't like that it is purely narrative. Some dialogues would have been nice. At least some "There he is" or "Get him".

    There are some harsh switches in the background music in the first parts.

    You showed too many photos in the observation scene.

    Why do the guys grab the bottles??? For me it would have looked cooler as close-up.

    At 09:10 you have a guy only waiting for a gun the whole time. This shot could have been planned better.

    Too much of "getting the right gun" in the following for me.

    Handing over the rifle for the sniper shots seemed to be unnecessary.

    Maybe the car scene at 12:20 would have looked more dynamic if you sped it up. The sound didn't match the speed of the visuals so well. Somwhow as of you put Indycar sound on a tractor. Same at 13:00.

    I missed more conflict where crew members find out the others were killed.

    It was hard for me to identify the narrator. You could have given him some more unique clothing.

    The magic trick scene with the child should be maby rather be better in the beginning. The same text could be used as voice over in the end then as some kind of re-occurring theme.

    You put a lot of effort into the film and I found it entertaining but is was too much of showing your cool equipment and using guns.

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