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    I am currently saving up to get a new PC and this morning I just remebered about Shuttles. I've always really liked the look of Shuttle PCs but I never really took them seriously because to me, small isn't powerful. This morning though, i went on their website and found that many of their barebones systems have powerful potential, more than most full size systems . I was just wondering whether any of these: (click) would be any good for video editing/compositing.

    Secondly, although there has probably been some discussion about this before that i've missed, does anyone know whether dual core CPUs have a distinct adavntage of single core CPUs with HT? If I do get a shuttle system, it may be a dual core capable system, so i was wondering whether it would be worth spending the extra 30 on getting a dual core processor.


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    Default shuttles

    Strictly speaking these system are not designed to do High end graphics or video. However a relatively powerful one should do the job. It comes down to 2 things. If it has lots of processing power and lots of ram it will do it. I would avoid it personally as you could build/buy something that is not in min form factor for less money.

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    The shuttle systems can be powerful, but they're not very upgradeable. For video editing, ideally you want 2 hard drives in there. Even if you can fit a 2nd hard drive in, I wouldn't fancy a hot CPU and 2 hard drives in there.

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    Agreed. My Mega180 just sits on my desk and looks pretty.

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