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    First off I would like to introduce myself and share a little about me.. My name is Darren and I live in Alaska. No, I do not live in an igloo. I love to watch movies. I have always wanted to learn how to edit movies but, there are no classes offered at my high school that teach you how to do this kind of stuff. So I'm going to rely on myself. Now, to my dilema. I am looking for a Camera that is able to take very good picture quality. I would prefer it to also be a camera that I won't grow out of. What I mean buy that comment is that I do not wish to have to upgrade. I want to keep the camera from beginning to end. I will be using Adobe Premiere Pro for my video editing also. These are the kind of videos I will be making. Of course, I have no affliation to those videos (or else I wouldn't be here) but, thats how I want my videos to be. That good of quality (from the camera) and also will Adobe Premiere Pro be able to do all that special effect stuff? Sorry for the long post but, as I said I am a newb to this stuff. Hopefully, with the knowledge learned from this forum, I will be able to make good videos and past the techniques I have learned to my friends and family. ~Peace.

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    So I decided to look around a bit, and I came and saw this camera and it looks as if it has a good review and a good price thats well in my range ($600<). The review says it good but, does anyone own this camera?Panasonic PV - GS65 Is that a good camera for the newb and future amatuer? Thanks.

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    Yep, that camera will serve you nicely.

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