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Thread: Help please - cant upload old videos of the kids

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    Default Help please - cant upload old videos of the kids

    Hi there.
    I’m having terrible trouble uploading videos of the kids from my old Sony DCR TRV 110E camcorder to my PC. I’ve tried contacting Sony’s help desk, but they weren’t much help.

    I’ve solved lots of problems so far, such as:

    · Installing a firewire port’
    · Using a “legacy” driver,
    · Working out the exact order that everything needs to be connected, including the baffling problem that if the a/c mains charger is plugged in, the computer won’t recognise the device!

    After weeks of fiddling about, I have got as far as opening Windows Photogallery (which recognises the device) but no matter what I do, the video clip does not upload.

    I plugged in my modern digital camera, with a test video clip and it uploaded straight away, absolutely no issues.

    I’m running windows 7 (32 bit) and the version of photogallery is 16.4.3508.205.

    Can anyone help please?

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    If I remember correctly this is a Digital8 camera

    you need to connect your camera to the PC using a FireWire cable

    you then need to capture the video from the camera using compatible software - I'm not sure if windows moviemaker will work but any entry-level version of movie editing software should do tape capture - the basic Sony Vegas should be best

    it isn't about downloading files to your PC - your camera will play the file and your PC will capture it via the FireWire card, just like when you record a tv show

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    Thank you very much for replying. You are correct, it is "Digital 8". Do I download "Sony Vegas" and just use that? As you can tell, I am an amateur and Sony's help desk said I could just use "Movie Maker" Is Sony Vegas free?

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    If movie maker recognizes your camera over FireWire then you are fine - just do the "capture" from inside moviemaker - it will control your camera

    vegas has a minimal cost I believe (like 50 or 100 bucks I think)

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