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    What is the best way to go about mixing in stereo with vegas?

    Do you create two audio tracks one for left channel and one for right or do you keep it all on the same track and just rely on fading/panning. I figure if you can mix in 5.1 then I must be going about mixing in stereo wrong.

    I know how to change the gain, I know how to fade the sound in and out, but I dont know how to have it comming mostly out of the left or completely out of the left or vice versa.

    It doesnt seem you like can really mess with that specifically for each individual sound clip on the same audio track. Anything and all advice as far as how to do it properly would be great.

    I have questions like how do you sort out your levels for the audio, lows, base and peaks. I have no clue what a bus is (didnt say in help)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandMasterKaja
    (didnt say in help)
    Ha Ha!

    Try dropping your audio onto different tracks and use the PAN control to direct left or right.

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    Select the audio track and press "P" for pan. This will create a Pan Envelope which will allow you to double click on the line (do this twice to create two handles) and pull the line up or down, to control the volume. You can do this as many times as you like.


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    Default Audio Questions

    Generally speaking you can divide up the type of audio tracks that you will be working with into mono and stereo tracks. Mono tracks are those that do not have real stereo content and can thus be panned anywhere without losing some of the sound content. Just because you recorded a voice in stereo does not make it a stereo track unless you specifically used a stereo microphone to create a specific end result. Voice recordings under normal circumstances are deemed mono as well as things like bass guitar and such. Most modern keyboards use stereo effects as part of the creation of their sound. The concept of a "bus" is for the grouping of source audio tracks that you wish to either control the level of as a group or apply effects to as a group. It could be seen as such - All backing vocals could be sent to a bus thus enabling you to alter their overall balance with one control. You would pre balance them and apply paning as required but the overall volume of them could then be adjusted with one volume control. The same would apply with drums you may have recorded onto independant tracks. And so on. --- Tonal "EQ" changes and "compression" effects are applied via your VST plugins on either a track basis or a per clip basis. Usually if you have a "pro" type audio editor the program will come with a bunch of VST effects included. These are then available in Vegas for your use. Vegas has a few simple ones pre packaged. They can also be purchased seperately from a number of third party companies. Vegas is part of the Sonic Foundry or Sound Forge camp and they have some very useful VST "audio" effects available.


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