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Thread: Properties/Settings for *worst* video quality?

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    Default Properties/Settings for *worst* video quality?

    I have Sony Vegas Pro 8,and i'd like to know what Settings should i use to make my video have the worst possible quality. (Yes,i mean it...)
    I've tried using these settings hoping it would work (see attached file),but my video still doesn't look much bad at all...

    Thanks in advance.

    (Sorry if the screenshots are a bit too tiny...though i think you'll still be able to see it)
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    It would help if you explained why you want it to look bad? Do you want it to like like something in particular? For instance old TV?

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    Keep your project properties the same as your footage ie match the project media. The project settings are to make your life easier during editing, it doesn't affect the final image quality only the quality of the original footage, the effects you add during editing and the final render settings affect the final out put quality. Having a small resolution and a low bit rate will really contribute to a poor quality image.

    Adding film grain or other effects will alter the look of the image, like others have said it all depends on what you want it to look like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmanjoe View Post
    yes pleas explain why because what you may really need is to do some composting rather that poorly compressing it.
    Indeed, if compositing does not work for you and *worst* comes to worst, I suppose...
    On a more serious note, the OP just needs to read MB's post and act accordingly.

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