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    Default Driftland - Grand Opening

    Hey folks

    I finally joined the dark side... aka Vimeo. To be honest long time coming since youtube does horribly compress videos sometimes.
    we had over 9 cameras filming this grand opening day... give you angles from all over the place, land, air... and well that's it basically.
    What do you guys think?

    youtube version:


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    I liked it but half the length would have been sufficient for me.

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    good job

    Vimeo provides better video quality than YouTube but I don't appreciate the constant pressure to "upgrade" just to make the service usable

    Also the Vimeo app never worked properly on my iPhone (I couldnt tell when it was uploading, or even if it was uploading), basically my experience with Vimeo was a very brief and unhappy one; I did get one test video to upload from my PC, but I don't use my PC anymore so that wouldn't help (if I can't capture it, edit it and upload it on my mobile in 30 minutes or less, I can't be bothered to do it); I'm sure it's fine if you're a young buck who doesn't mind a lot of twiddle-twaddle and wasted hours spent languishing in front of a computer screen when you're trying to get something done, but I'm old and crusty

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    I agree about the length, I think an edit down to about 3 mins is quite enough. You have plenty of good shots but also a lot of filler shots which could be taken out. I think the general feel of the edit is good and right for the piece.

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    Cheers guys!

    We made the length... extra lengthy on purpose because our no.1 complaint from car fans is it's not long enough!
    No pun intended.

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