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Thread: Old AVI files only showing audio after new clip converting

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    Default Old AVI files only showing audio after new clip converting


    I am no wiz when it comes to technology, so bear with me.

    I brought home some .mov clips, and decided they needed to be converted in order to watch in Windows and edit in Sony Vegas. I converted them to several different formats using iWisoft Video Converter, including .mp4, .avi, .wmv, and .mpg.

    Somewhere in all of this, my old .avi clips stopped working properly. They had always worked fine before, but now only show audio, no video. I wasn't checking every step of the way, but the first time I noticed was after I converted the .mov clips to .mp4 and trying to open that in Vegas. The .mp4 clips wouldn't open, which I found odd. Then I found out my old .avi clips were only showing the audio.

    As far as my other conversions from the .mov clips, .avi opens the same way as my old .avi files, only audio. .wmv and .mpg open video and audio, just loss of quality.

    At this point my biggest thing is getting all of my old .avi clips to work the way they once did. I have no idea what in this process caused the change, and if it can be reversed or if I need to move forward with something else.

    I have become really frustrated over the last few weeks trying to figure this out myself. I'm really not in favor of converting all of my old clips. That would be a ton of work for .avi clips that I know worked just fine before. I'm also not fond of the idea of downloading codecs. Not only for the virus risk, but because both my old and new .avi clips can play fine outside of Sony Vegas. I get video and audio when playing either clips in Windows Media Player. Any topic I find on this in general, those are the most popular answers.

    But like I said I'm no expert, and would really appreciate anyone who can even point me in a direction, because I am totally lost. I screwed something up with adding and converting the .mov clips, but it doesn't feel like it should be so hard to get at least my old clips back. Please help me find the missing puzzle piece!
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    Providing you didn't strip out the video from the files leaving just the audio content during your conversion, which is probably not even needed in most cases to use in Vegas, THEN this issue of only getting the sound and not the picture is usually down to the CODEC needed is either not there or has been damaged/corrupted in some way. You could try looking inside the file with a program like Gspot to see what CODEC is needed and then down load the latest version of that CODEC.

    Hopefully this will solve your problem.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    If it is a codec that I need, can you recommend any credible sights for downloading codecs? I've read that the wrong place can run a big risk of viruses.

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    Okay, so I tried the Gspot program. Here are my findings:

    Both my old and new AVI files say the codecs are installed, and the file length is correct. My .mpg files also say the codecs are installed, and the file length is correct. For .wmv and .mov it says "codec status undetermined." The .wmv says the file length is correct, while the .mov doesn't say the file length is correct.

    Here's how they respond in Sony Vegas:
    AVI files open only audio. MOV files don't open at all. MPG and WMV open video and audio.

    Besides MOV, they all open and play video and audio in Windows Media Player.But of course the MOV is my original files, and not my main concern.

    I'm looking for the puzzle piece to get my AVI files to work again. These clips are sentimental and really important to me, and make up the majority of the clips I use in Sony Vegas. So PLEASE, if anyone has any ideas, let me know! This stuff is over my head anyway, but I really have no idea what is wrong, much less ideas of how to fix it.

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    I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this, but thought I'd post again just in case.

    I've been downloading different codecs hoping it would work, including DivX and Xvid, but nothing. I was wondering about trying to download WMV2 or xdvf since those are the only ones that come up in GSpot as unknown codecs, though I'm having trouble finding a good place to download those.

    I read on a DivX website ( about looking further into Gspot to be able to tell if the codec actually works by trying to render the clip. So I think I tried doing that, and it comes up with this error message:

    Failed to connect Output pin 0x057ed15c ("Stream 00") on AVI Splitter to input pin 0x0c12fe24 ("XForm In") on filter 0x03aedf80 ("DivX H.264 Decoder"). Connect Direct () failed. Error: 0x80040207: (unknown)

    After seeing that I believe I downloaded a DivX H.264 Decoder codec too. I've considered a system restore, but I don't want to lose anything and I don't know why it wouldn't do the same thing again. That's my last option. I don't have the time or space to convert all of my clips when they were fine before. So any thoughts would be desperately appreciated.

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