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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 9 : Shaking Video

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 9 : Shaking Video

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    Could you clarify your problem? From what I understand of your post, the video is "normal" on your PC... hence you have no problem.

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    So it looks fine on your camcorder, then after transfering to your PC it again looks fine, then when burnt to DVD it appears shaky?

    Could you answer these questions for me?

    1) What is the make and model of your camera
    2) How did you transfer the footage to your PC (connections and settings)
    3) What options did you chose when making the DVD disc (please list as much here as possible)
    4) Did you play the DVD in a standalone player or PC?
    5) What brand and speed media did you use?

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    This would not affect the video. Can you describe this "shaking" in more detail as I'm at a loss as to what you're experiencing.

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