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Thread: Video for "Whos' Gonna Have My Head?" - Assassins Creed inspired

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    Default Video for "Whos' Gonna Have My Head?" - Assassins Creed inspired

    Hey folks, here's my 1st real attempt at video making:

    The instrumental itself was inspired by Assassins Creed so I figured why not go all out? All out on a DIY budget.
    Seems people either really like or really dislike the light FX at the end - any other (better) way to simulate massive engery in Vegas?

    Fair warning: this is the "Concept Version" so the first 1:41 might be kinda rough and no, it's not supposed to be taken to seriously.

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    I did not understand what it was about and the camera work was too shaky for my taste. I see some interesting ideas but don't get the context.

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    Thanks for the reply, that's what I wanted to know. If it's not to much trouble could you be a bit more specific about the shaky camera.

    The plot is weak at best, I'll admit that flat out. Basically it starts with the main character failing in his latest time travel loop only to get reset again. The others are there to cause chaos when he finds his "Box of All Knowing and Wise" he nukes himself.
    The title came from the first time I played the game I spit that out and being a musician I always hear the "man that guy was cutting heads last night" line so it all kinda tied together.

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    Well it's shaky at 1:04, 1:16, 1:31, 1:58 (what is this footage supposed to express?), 2:05, 2:28, 2:34 and 3:00. There were some more but these were the worst. I guess everything was filmed handheld. In my eyes there is no excuse for not using a tripod. If you want a shaky look you can still use the tripod as shoulder cam. Furthermore did you have distracting leaves in the foreground from time to time.

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    Wow that really is shaky. Totally missed that when I was editing it together and you're correct that all the woods footage is handheld. It was supposed to one of the others stuck in the loop observing the main guy looking for the box.
    That why I thought peeking through the trees was needed but I can see that can also be distracting.

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