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Thread: Quality Loss from MP4 File =/

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    Default Quality Loss from MP4 File =/

    Ok, so I have this original file, recorded at 720p, 30fps (Im not sure, but I think the bitrate is 2700), an MP4 thats about 1 hour long, at 1.3 gigs of memory.

    Now I use windows 12 movie maker to edit out what I dont like, which is like, 4 minutes from the 1 hour. If I save it as an mp4, I lose alot of quality, I get those weird pixel squares in darkened parts of the video, and its fuzzy.

    If I save it as a wmv, that fuzzyness goes away, but I have to save it at 10k bitrate to match the quality, which takes a 1.3 gig file, and turns it into a 3.6 gig file, and its STILL not as sharp as the Original.

    I am so confused about this.

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    The best advice I can give you, not knowing your editing program is to match you original footage when rendering. 2700 seems very low for a bit rate, did you get the footage from YouTube ? If the file size is too big for you when you have the desired image quality then keep lowing it a little until you get a good compromise.

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    Ok here is what you do
    - download streamclip
    - spend 15 minutes learning how to use it
    - export your new video the way you want it
    - don't be too embarrassed about mentioning movie maker (this time)
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    The Original file is a saved .flv from a live broadcast, which is streamed at 720p with a max bitrate of 2700, im not sure if that applies to the saved video or not, or just into the stream bandwidth. The flv is easily turned into an mp4, the mp4 looks perfect, its after I try to edit the file from trimming in Movie Maker, and then saving it that things get weird that no one can explain. This place is literally my last resort, I have spent 2 weeks researching this problem with nothing but more frustrations as a result.

    So with the above post, are you implying that Movie Maker is at fault here? Is it that simple?

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    i would suggest using streamclip to clip your stream the way you want it and then export it to the format you choose

    streamclip gives you full control of the export settings so you can be sure you don't lose quality

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    Is there any reason why streamclips would not open an mp4?

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