OK, I don't use a Mac, I have no idea about final cut, but someone who is supposed to be sending me some video is using it, and I am struggling to get the files I need because of the difference in the file formats

I want a full size DV file, whatever you want to call it, basically if I imported a MiniDV cassette to my PC, I would have a DV / AVI file, that's what I want, a normal, 16:9, good quality file

There appears to be no settings for this in final cut? always seeming to be something else, wrong aspect, wrong quality, wrong sound, no picture, nothing seems to play this end in any good quality

Could be codecs this end, but I have the latest Quicktime installed.

Anyone any sugestions, bearing in mind that I think the guy doesn't really know much about this too, so its as good as newby territory!

Thank you

PS, I don't mind what size, ie SD, 720, 1080 etc, as long as I can play it in Windows Media player properly in good quality ( as that's the best determination of it working in everything else I run )