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    hello forum
    I hope you can help me!
    I have an older Panasonic HDC-SD9 and I need a piece of software to monitor the recording through a PC. How do I do it?

    best regards

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    Hi John and welcome,

    Could you please clarify? Do you mean you want to monitor your recording whilst you are recording - in other words use your PC as larger version of the camera's LCD? If not, then what?

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    Hi Tim

    I was wondering if it is possible to access the camcorders menu from the PC. I also need to focus manually and the buttons on the camera's are very small. But perhaps it is enough to use an external monitor - thanks for the tip!


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    Did the cam come with cables to connect to a TV? I would have thought so, therefore you need a PC with a graphics card that has a yellow RCA input to feed the video signal to it.

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    I have now connected it via mini hdmi to my monitor - it works fine. So far thanks for the help!

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