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Thread: How can I fake a trailer voice

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    Default How can I fake a trailer voice

    As can be heard from the following movie I don't have that much of a trailer voice:

    Is there anything I can do to make it sound more like this one?:

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    There are a few tricks you can try like using a throaty whisper voice may be add a little reverb and some bottom end in the EQ but I think ultimately it's not really going to work.

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    To my ear, the most noticable aspect of 'trailer voices' is the use of inflextion; i.e. the pitch or tone of the voice.
    The OP's voiceover contains all the standard inflexions we use in the UK (and by Germanic languages). We tend not to use much of a tonal range, and tend to lower the tone at the end of sentences (Unlike 'valley girls' style or Autralians).

    The 'trailer voice' appears to have more tonal changes; and for them to be exaggerated. It becomes similar to actually 'singing' while speaking. It is worth considering the differences between these two sections.
    OP's clip: 3:32 to 3:38 "Afterwards pull the yarn" to "out of your way".
    Trailer clip: 0:57 to 1:01 "Together they'll crank" to "fast and furious movie".

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    As the others have said above don't take the pitch of your voice up at the end of a word, to my American ears that sounds like you're asking a question, whereas the Trailor Voice over is more damanding (and animated) and seems to make every word last as long as humanly possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    Can I ask a question. If you did the same voice over in German (which I assume is your first language) would it sound ok to a German speaker?
    Yes, in German the pronunciation would be just fine

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    Your English is very good, but is very formal in style which you then try to speak in a friendly way. My German would be terrible, so please don't think I am criticising - because it really is good.
    I really take this as a compliment. Furthermore thank you for pointing out I sound formal. I can only learn when I am told such things. Nevertheless as the engineer I actually am I also sound quite formal in German.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    English speakers can never get the back of throat sound needed for German - the "..icht" sound, which we seem to pronounce "ic" which must annoy Germans.
    Not annoying but I sometimes I feel pitty for people (not only Germans) who really try hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    Your voice quality is quite ok - you have a good voice.
    Thanks a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    I suspect you need to simply make the decision over do you mind the product sounding German.
    Good point. Honestly I am aiming at sounding not too German.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    Your accent suggests to me, that you are German. If this is wrong, then maybe you are better placed to work out what it is I hear?
    You nailed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    A colleague tells me much is down to the German need for accurate grammar, especially when some languages would have a sentence that says "I want to have the music loud" but would say "I want to have a blue ball" - when the first has grammar that suits German or French, but the second would be "I want to have the ball blue"?
    You are right concerning French but in this particular case the German word order is even different "I want a blue ball to have".

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    If your words were actually written down, I'd be happy to look at them and highlight any changes that I, as a useless Brit, would have made before reading them? That would be quite interesting - seeing if I could swap words around to make it comfortable for me to speak - and then you read my version?
    That's a great offer. I will definitely get beck to you for one of my future projects.

    Thank you and all the others for your thorough feedback. Originally I was just hoping for some technical tips but got so much more. Anyway if anybody feels like he or she can contribute I will still be reading answers.

    I hope I got nothing wrong. Just recently I was reminded how complicated irony and such can be for us Germans. A British asked me how I would understand it if I offered some cake and a lady refused by saying "I shouldn't." My assumption was that she might be on a diet and that I wouldn't insist. As it came out this was completely wrong and I should have said "But you have to".

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    A British asked me how I would understand it if I offered some cake and a lady refused by saying "I shouldn't." My assumption was that she might be on a diet and that I wouldn't insist. As it came out this was completely wrong and I should have said "But you have to".
    Or you could simply say, "Oh, OK. I'll have it then!"

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    As the content is presumably "correct" I wonder that you don't get an native-English to do the speaking? Someone new to VO might be willing to assist as it would give them experience and the possibility of further ( i.e. Paid ! ), work as you develop.

    I watched the Tutorial to the end - and then the one about Muzzle-flashes.
    Although well done, it's my view that these flashes are too large and long for movies, since they have to occupy one frame minimum, they last 1/25 sec.
    In reality, they are only a few milliseconds - therefore frequently they won't show on a film. This was the case where a mechanical shutter is used - however, you should see the smoke. Perhaps others can say how a CMOS sensor will respond - some actual footage of gunfire should assist..... but not some that's been got-at in the Edit.
    You only have to look at Shoot-'em-up Games footage to see how fake it looks. There is no advantage to a sniper is exposing his position with a muzzle-flash; so it's my belief any flash is quite small . . . .

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    You could do the voice in your native language and add subtitles - that would be very official

    i listen to a German radio station called Klassik Radio - the commentators have very soothing voices (enspannt und geneissen or something like that) - I can only make out a word here and there but it's fine
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    I think it's drifting away a bit although I really appreciate the feedback. Concerning the tutorials I will just try to practice and make my commentary a bit smoother. As I target an international audience I prefer sticking to English for audio. German subtitles will still be provided where I find the time.

    Theoretically I might be able to find somebody else to do the voice over especially as we have an art university here. Anyway I am far from being even semi professional and it would be just too much work and too complicated to coordinate my time schedule with a second person. Nevertheless it was an interesting suggestion.

    The trailer voice question was targeting at a future project where I try to make a catching video to promote an upcoming event.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    Second is that I'd have liked to be a little closer in at times.
    While we are at it - could you point out where exactly, please?
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