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Thread: How to get people excited for the filming of your video?

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    Question How to get people excited for the filming of your video?

    Hi all, I'm after some advice on how to get people interested and hyped-up to be participants in your video.
    A video is much more interesting to watch if the subjects in the video are more involved in the filming and are more willing to put themselves out there so you can get the right shot of them. I'm wondering how everyone goes about getting people involved and interesting in your filming?

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    This depends a lot on the circumstances. Are you talking about actors, family, random people on the streets?

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    The situation concerning me is involving my friends for a casual video sesh of swimming etc., just after some general ideas/pointers.

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    I guess it's important to talk with them and to show how the results look like. Let them decide which takes to keep and which to delete.

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    I've found that people love to help others so I usually go from that angle. If you tell them how much it will help you if they will participate, you will find they are usually obliging. If they really don't want to be on film then never mind, just don't film them and they'll be left out of a great opportunity to have a great time.

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    Midnight's right. it really is that simple. It's also worth pointing out that people generally want to look their best in photos/videos and not look like the party pooper (teenagers excepted), so they will get involved.

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