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Thread: 1920x180 60p choppy playback?

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    Default 1920x180 60p choppy playback?

    I'm using Sony Vegas platinum 11 and am trying to import and render some video shot at 1920x1080 60p from a lumix lx7. The renderings play fine on home computer. Well, most of the time. Sometimes they are a little choppy. But, when I try to upload them to flickr and try to play them through my smaller digital media player they are a bit choppy and not fluid. Is this the limitations of flickr and the player? I'm uploading them at 1920 x 1080 60p full resolution. My other videos shot at 1440 x 1080 30p (from an older Sony) play fine through flickr. You might have some suggestions about rendering settings that would make the files play smooth on flickr and other devices also.

    Now, my main question is this. I'f I"m going to have to downsize them to a 30 fps rendering should I just start shooting in 30 fps on the camera? I use the 180 shutter speed rule and it seems that the videos are going to be choppy after downsizing them when they were originally shot at a shutter speed to support the 60fps?
    What do you think and thanks!!!

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    If you are filming still or slow moving objects 30fps should be just fine. If they are fast moving or you know you will be slowing down the footage shoot at 60fps then render at 30fps. The resolution ie the size or dimensions should not need to be changed so keeping it 1920 x 1080 is fine.

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