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Thread: Cutting between white and black

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    Question Cutting between white and black


    I am currently in pre-production for a music video where the concept is the desire to connect with your polar opposite. Without going into too much details I am wondering how to bring this vision too life without creating issues for myself in the edit.

    The initial idea is to shoot in two spaces - white, pure and perfectly lit space with the female performer and another - black - dirty, grim, lit with laser lights with the male performer in it.

    My question to you guys is - is cutting between those two, so different images - white and pure and wild and dark - will make the cut look jumpy and amateurish-looking?

    Any feedback as well as your own experiences in similar projects will be greatly appreciated!


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    Maybe better "swipe" between the sequences (like e.g. done in Star Wars) but this depends a lot on the actual footage.

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    This is so hard to judge without seeing the footage. I personally done foresee a problem with straight cuts from one to the other. When filming lazers make sure one doesn't point directly at the camera as this could damage the sensor and make sure you shoot with the right shutter speed so they don't flicker.

    I like the concept of this good luck.

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    Like MB I find extremes exciting. Your filming style could add to this effect. Try a Hitchcock move of panning/sliding into a black/white jacket or furniture at the end of each sequence.
    Experiment with the cuts, dissolves, wipes which which could also help make the movie depending on your choice. It sounds great!
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    Might part of the solution may depend on how many times the cutting occurs? Perhaps few of us would recommend overusing the same transition each time(or indeed, to use every known transition!).

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