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    I am a bit unsure about the purpose of this video. Cuts and color grading were interesting.

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    My friend tried to sell that car and ask me to make some video about it.

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    I think the visuals are cool. I like the shot with the rain at the end. I would have liked to see some shots of the car driving. Not too crazy about the font you used for all the titles. In some places the serif makes the text is hard to read, and flashes by too fast.

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    Just a couple of little technical things with this video. First the font used was not fitting to the subject and the other thing was the shot between 0:45 & 0:46 wasn't different enough so it gave the feel of a jump cut.

    Apart from that I've very impressed with your general work as you say you only do this for a hobby.

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    Thanks,yes its only a hobby.Post my videos to see what professionals will say about it.Just im not sure about my self and videos what i made.

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    From what I've seen of your videos today, I think you have a good technical skill level but slightly lack the story telling or narrative side of putting a piece together. The birthday video was the best at this so take notes of what you did right in this and add those elements to your other projects. I think as you get more experienced with this you will begin to get a better feel of it.

    Editing is not just about cutting to the beat or magic bullet colour grading.

    Just keep doing what you're doing with the camera (with a little less slider) as you are making good videos and try and be sympathetic to the subject with your editing ie music choice font's grading etc...

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