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Thread: Panasonic NVGS17 Transfering etc

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    Default Panasonic NVGS17 Transfering etc

    I recently bought a panasonic NVGS17 just for home use etc. I also have a PC at home with windows XP.
    The PC is fairly new an emachine. I was wondering what is the best way to transfer the films from the camera. Is it through the TV and record onto the larger video tapes or is it best to record onto my PC.
    I have a DVD burner on my PC. If it is the PC what is the best software to use and easiest so i could make DVD's.
    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I do have a USB cable that fits the camera and the PC but no software came with the camera.
    Thanks very much. :(

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    The NVGS17 is a MiniDV camera. MiniDV cameras should be connected via a firewire cable.

    Please take a look at the FAQ, which will answer most of your questions about getting started:

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    I have tried using a usb cable and i get a picture. The sound is OK but the picture is a bit digital or slowish ie not 100% is this due to not going through a fire wire.
    Would i need a special cable for firewire or maybe come with the pci card.
    I know a lot of questions but am a bit slow

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    No problem.

    Take a look at this thread I recently replied to:

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    thanks a lot that helps a great deal i will get a card and cable asap.
    By the way its a brilliant forum very helpfull.
    Noticed one of your moderators were from East Kilbride. I used to live near there. Small world.
    Anyway you will probably hear from me again when i get into this filming malarky.
    Thanks again.

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    got my firewire working ok.
    Not impressed with ulead version 8 is there any other good but easy to use software i can use.

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    I have found that Pinnacle Studio is really easy to use and produces good results.

    :.: StudioX Productions :.:
    Dedicated to low-budget film-making

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    will have a look at that.
    Have seen adobe but it looked very complicated.
    Thanks again.

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    Default please help 10th sept 2009 new post about this camera and pc connecting

    I have just bought a Panasonic NV-GS17Mini DV, DV Camcorder and want to connect it up to his PC. I have a firewire cable (6 to 4 pins) and a IEEE 1394 firewire card already on my PC. Can you tell me if I am likely to have a problem when I connect it up ? Will I need to download anything else to go with the IEEE 1394 firewire card ? Is it usaully as simple as just pluging the firewire cable into the computer ( the correct socket of course!) Or will I need anything else ? I have video editing programs installed - am I all set to go when the camera arrives ? Is it simple with panasonic GS17Mini DV, DV Camcorder if you have firewire and the IEEE 1394 card already on my computer ?

    I have read about problems with Panasonic NV-GS17 but I think that is mainly due to the USB not having drivers for Vista. I read the USB connection works fine with XP and you don't need to download any new devices.

    Anyway I want to know about firewire and the Panasonic NV-GS17 and connecting it up to my PC.

    Is it that simple - just plug the correct firewire cable in the correct socket and it will detect the camera hence I won't have to do or need anything else ?

    Please please help me.

    Many thanks


    ps i have the card and the cable will i need anything else. Am I likely to have problems ?

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    What did you do to get your firewire working ok ?

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