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Thread: Mike's Production Corner - Episode 2 - Budget Audio

  1. Default Mike's Production Corner - Episode 2 - Budget Audio

    School Project.
    Video Series, 2 minutes TRT limit per episode.

    This is an updated, edited, extended version from what I submitted in school, and a couple of minor edits from what I posted here a few days ago.

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    An extremely simple demonstration of the huge difference close micing can make. This should be essential viewing for anyone who buys a camcorder before they even take it out of its box.

    Nice one.

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    Very informative video, and I dig the Sublime song at the end. Well done!

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    You can see some greenscreen "remains" on the edges but not bad in general. Very effective demonstration of difference in audio.

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    Ya, I don't think I have the lighting quite right yet. I have an umbrella with a 45w Fluorescent bulb on the left of the screen, but on the right I have a clamp light, so I bought a Fluorescent bulb, 75w, softened with plastic, but the light cast is orange. Why is that...? I also have 2 led lights, one for the back light, the other for a key light. I also have a China Ball lamp on the way that I plan on hanging on the left side of of the screen, then use the clamp for the fill. This is all for my next episode on green screening, the reason for the variety of cheap lights.

    Question. What am I looking for in the bulb, so I will know I'm getting a nice white Fluorescent light like my umbrella is giving, so my clamp light and china ball won't clash, before I buy it.

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    Nice one, I wish more people would get the importance of audio.

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