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Thread: American Rapper trying to break out in Russia

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    Default American Rapper trying to break out in Russia

    I just cut this reality show episode of American rapper MC Yo Wassup trying to make it big in Russia. Please tell me what you think.

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    This is unbelieveably bad. No doubt you'll say I just don't "get it". So be it.

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    The audio was poorly captured - if the subject was wearing a lav mic or if you used a shogun mic this would have worked out better

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    I think the content could be cut down to one minute. I mean the first third is just quite repetitive argument. The music section is much too long. Content is nearly only in the last third and there you have bad audio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theog View Post
    Please tell me what you think.
    What do *you* think? And what does the artist think? What aspects of earlier comments in these Forums do you feel were useful?

    I suspect you are both very pleased with the results. YT reports 20k views ('tho I suspect very few have watched it all). There are, no doubt, devoted fans of the artist (although a brief Facebook and Google search did not reveal any reviews of his work).

    I do not wish to appear critical, because given the unlikelyhood of this artist ever achieving the "big time", then it really does not matter that the videos are of such low quality. However, it may reflect badly on the OP to have been responsible for such poor video work.

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