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Thread: Starting size to fit a tv screen?

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    Default Starting size to fit a tv screen?

    Hi guys

    What settings do I need to set to get a perfect fit on tv screen?

    At moment I have a boarder top and bottom of screen.

    I use Sony Vegas 9.

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    If you look in the Media Generator section, SVMS has a grid - you can treat this like a piece of Text and send that to the TV - a bit crude, but cound the squares ..... you could take a digital "Snap" and then count in a Photo-Editing program.

    I have found that some TV's do trim the 16:9 format . . . but SVMS has a "safety line" in the Text/Position tab . . . this can be modified to match the TV you are using . . . . but in general try to keep within the dotted line - it can be annoying, but means your text can be read.

    Another way round this is to use the Credit Roll feature, but don't make any of the lines too long, or they may be clipped.

    Clipping was a serious issue with CRT-TVs - but with LCD's the issue is more-likely to be fixed in "SetUp" - although some owners may not allow this, fearing it will upset something else . . . .

    You will note also that most TV's are pretty bad for LF audio - so maybe adjust the Content to suit "Poor Bass"
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    What is the Media?

    What are your Project Settings?

    What are you rendering to?


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    Vegas settings.JPG
    720 x 576

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    Do you have a 4:3 aspect ratio TV ?

    If so just live with the black bars or get a new TV.

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    Thanks for feedback guys.

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