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Thread: Superdog protects the environment

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    Default Superdog protects the environment

    Hello everyone!!

    I am new to this forum! I have a strong interest in environmental education and I think films may help spread environmental messages. Therefore, I started producing some amateur movies.
    Recently, I produced a 1-minute film about a superdog that teaches people how to deal with waste.

    Check it out!

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    I think it's great to make videos with a purpose and video is a great way to pubicise your message.
    I liked the fact that you opened by introducing yourself and your aims. This gives teh viewer a clear understanding of your agenda and that the videso will therefore support it. I think this is much more effective (with this sort of video) than one where the viewer is kept in the dark until a big reveal at the end.
    I like the idea of using a cute dog as this will always be an easy "sell" among certain members of the public.
    The idea itself is a bit silly and retro - in fact the whole film has the feel of 1970s public information films (at least here in the UK) and I'm not saying this is a bad thing.

    The shots were well composed, but tended to be a little over-exposed.
    This did not help the white text "Super Sparky says RRR" which could do with a dark outline an/or a drop shadow. i also thought that this title could have had a little lit more time on screen as I struggele dto read it before it moved off.
    The "comic strip" type labels (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) on the other hand were good and clear.
    The music was suitable.
    The sound was fine. The voiceover was clear although there was a certain amount of "room noise" (next time mic much closer and work in acoustically dampened surroundings (ie curtains, soft furnishings rather than hard tiled walls)

    I may be dense, but i didn't understand teh supermarket scene.

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    Nice video...! The message comes across just fine, and in a cute entertaining style. The cinematography is excellent. Working with animals on film can't be easy. The graphics and labels were OK. I didn't see anything wrong with the editing.

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    Thanks for your feedback! Working with a dog was quite a challenge!!!
    The supermarket scene did not turn out as planned. One bag is larger than the other and the amount of cookies is the same. So the woman chose the smaller bag over the unnecessarily large one. We should have used bags with larger differences in size, to make it more obvious.

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